Tuesday, 1 February 2011


I have learnt to make a mosaic today, I used this website http://www.bighugelabs.com/ which is free to register and create all sorts of things, thank you to Emma at Silverpebble for telling me about it...

These are all my finished makes from January...

I am also counting these as my contribution to Annie's - A MAKE A MONTH 2011...

This was my January to do list....

I have actually done all but one of these, which is the metal stamping, I did buy washers ready to stamp yesterday , so I think that counts as an almost there..

I worked out how to crochet my granny squares together, although the seams don't seem very flat, will they flatten when pressed or have I done something wrong ?

This is my first attempt at African flowers, I think I need to have another go with the tutorial in front of me as they do not seem to be quite the same shape as the ones on the African flowers Flickr group !..

The main thing I feel that I have been getting the hang of this month is, just being, it could be all the crocheting along with some knitting that I have been doing, which I do find very relaxing....

I will list my February 'to do' list tomorrow...


  1. I love the mosaic, I will have to have a go at that! Also I really like the scrap of paper list - how did you do that?

    Your grannies fab, I love the colours you chose!

  2. Wow, you've been busy! IT's so wonderful to accomplish so much!

  3. You've been more productive than I!! Love your African flower :)

  4. You have achieved so much! Well done . . . I feel as if I've achieved nothing but in reality I've had a MAJOR clean up of my crafting room and finished a lot of UFO's.

  5. Hi Maria,

    lovely crochet squares but if you're having trouble joining them together try popping over to the attic24 website where Lucy has a great tutorial for joining granny squares as you go.......it's really easy.

    Love the mosiac idea, you've made some lovely things.
    florrie x

  6. You've been really busy with some lovely makes. Well done for the relaxing too. Can't help with the crocheting - it seems to be completely beyond me. I manage to learn for an hour or so and then completely forget what I've just worked out. I am however finally getting better at knitting! Juliex

  7. Lovely mosaic! I might use that website in the future too! Your crochet looks great, not sure how to make it flat though. The african flower looks lovely! I've tried stamping washers, but it doesn't seem to work, maybe I just have rubbish stamps, but the metal seems to be too hard for them, hope yours works better! :) x

  8. I came over from the Felt Fairy to check out your makes - wow! a whole mosaic of them!

    I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw your header - that pattern up in the right hand corner? My mum made those dolls clothes for me, must be 35 years ago! The dress that is blue on the fron of the pattern, my doll has in white with red trim. Thanks for reminding me :)

  9. Hi, a quick note to let you know that if you want to look at the African Flower hexagon how to , you can see the tutorial here: