Thursday, 3 February 2011


This is me aged about 6 years I think (circa 1975), I am dressed as Pippi Longstocking for the fancy dress competition at the local gala ( I won first prize).  My mother must have made the costume, and I seem to remember the boots belonged to my Grandy. I don't know who the toy monkey (Mr Nelson) belonged to as I can not remember it being part of our household, maybe we borrowed it from someone...

I have a vague recollection of watching Pippi Longstocking on T.V., but am wondering if I imagined it, as when I googled it, there was a series made in Sweden in 1969 which was televised, but it was shown in the US and the UK is not mentioned.  Does anyone else remember it ?

This is a picture from the 1969 series and it does look familiar....

Anyway, I definitely had the books which I clearly remember having read to me.

When Freya was little I found a couple of the story tapes, in Ikea of all places, and she enjoyed listening to them, (as do Hebe and Clemmie now) ...

The original stories were published in the 1940's, and have been republished many times since.  In 2007 Lauren Child (of Charlie and Lola fame) illustrated Pippi Longstocking and it was published as this lovely gift edition which I bought for Freya...

A little while ago I saw this great Pippi doll made by

It has been on my list of things to have a go at for months, and then when I needed a Birthday present for a nine year old I thought that I would give it a go....

I bought the book to go with the doll, and then made this book bag on which I ironed an image of the book that I had printed out onto that iron on photographic paper...

Pippi's head could have done with being a bit less elongated/alien like, but the birthday girl seemed to like it...

So, Pipi Longstocking a favourite of mine 35 years ago, and still a favourite now...


  1. Really creative doll, Maria! I certainly read the books when I was living in the States (around the same time as you were reading them in the UK I think), and I remember the TV show but didn't like it much - I usually preferred the book to the film, then as now. So, having been both English and in America, I can't help you out as to where that TV programme was shown!

  2. I've just recently discovered your blog - I love it, I'm a Lancashire Lass myself! LOVE the pippi doll - great job! You should sell them, I'd buy one! I definatly remember pippi being on TV I'm almost sure I didn't imagine it! hehe!
    Love to you and your beautiful family x

  3. I vagueley remember her and must get the books to refresh my memory.
    I thnk (actually I know) would love that gift myself evenb at 40 yrs old!

    B xxx

  4. I loved those books and I seem to remember seeing a TV show but not a whole series of them at one point. Loved the doll and bookbag you made for the gift I am sure the birthday girl was pleased , it is definitely one of a kind which is special.

  5. I remember Pippi Longstocking but I'm not sure if that was from books,as I have never been a great reader or if it was on Jackanory which I always watched.

  6. I'm 1973 vintage and I remember Pippi Longstocking so she definitely made her way to NZ .. .. ..
    You are very very creative and your gifts for children are wonderful.

  7. I remember sitting in our local library and reading the books as a child. I love your gift, such a lot of thought has gone into it.

  8. Lucky birthday girl - what a fab pressie. I do remember reading those books when I was very young.

  9. You look so cute in those plaits! Loved the books too, the movies are never as good at the books. I must look out for a copy for our girls. Your doll and bag are brilliant! You make your book bags so sweet.

  10. What a wonderful present, I love it, I want one! I don't remember Pippi Longstocking at all, but I do remember others talking about her. Now I want to see it too!

  11. I didn't come across Pippi as a child but we bought Islay a copy of the Lauren Child illustrated version for Christmas and she loves it. Your gift is so thoughtful and you have put so much effort into it - I'm sure she will love it. Juliex

  12. What a cute picture of you! I loved Pippi Longstocking as a child, too!