Friday, 11 February 2011


I have been dabbling in crochet since last Summer when I taught myself through online videos and tutorials, I found it very frustrating and was all fingers and thumbs, granny squares were as much as I could manage really, but as I  became more experienced I began to find it very relaxing and almost therapeutic..........

Lately I have wanted to have a go at a blanket, I found the pattern for this Granny stripe blanket on Attic24, so I fished out all the odd balls of double knitting that I could find, added to it with a few extra colours and started....

I love making this blanket, although it is very time consuming, I gave myself the goal of two stripes a day, and so far have kept up with this, each coloured stripe takes 40 minutes, 20 minutes one way and 20 minutes back again ( yes, I timed it, I am so sad and geeky sometimes !).....

Do you see my Granny square cushion in the pictures ?, if you remember Iwas a bit concerned about the unflatness? of the squares when I joined them, but with a good press it turned out just fine..

Did you notice my stripy sausage dog too ?  I knitted this a couple of months ago, I used up the rest of the Rico cotton yarn I had bought when |I first started to crochet, although I loved the colours available, I found that it split as soon as I looked at it, however when knitted it was much more manageable, I have no idea why....

I have borrowed this book from the library a few times, it has some great images...

This is the dream I have for our allotment shed , Chris and Hebe (#3) have painted it 'heather' this year, I have not seen it yet, but what I saw of the colour splashed on Hebe looked lovely...

This is a favourite picture in the book, how fantastic is the gypsy caravan ?, I have a feeling that this is Emma Bridgewater's as I have a vague memory of seeing it in a magazine article about her home a few years ago (don't quote me on thet though !)...

It was the stripy blanket hanging on the washing line that set me off making my stripy blanket...

I have an idea to redecorate the children's wooden Wendy house in the garden in this theme and fill it with lovely bright crocheted blankets (for den  making) and cushions (for lounging)..

I picked up this floral quilt cover in Ikea that I will use to make curtains for the Wendy house ...

What do you think ?


  1. Your blanket is lovely, what an inspiration to see you start with your granny squares, then progress to a cushion and now to this lovely blanket - I would love to learn and feel very encouraged by seeing how beautiful your work has turned out, thanks for sharing. Betty

  2. This is all the sort of thing I adore!! I can't wait to see your blanket finished (I crochet a very little, this makes me want to learn more!) and that duvet cover will make gorgeous wee curtains!

  3. What a beautifully colourful post! I love your stripey blanket. And brilliant ideas for the wendy house too, sounds like you'll be having as much fun as the kids!

  4. Oh how I do love crochet blankets! I really love that one you've made so well and it's so pretty and colourful. And I adore your sausage dog so much!! Oooh maybe I should start up crochet again. It's really not my thing but I do love what you can create with it. Your Wendy house ideas look fab. Maybe that's what our little house needs, a makeover? It hardly ever gets played in.

  5. Such a beautiful crochet stripy blanket and the ikea fabric will make gorgeous curtains for the wendy house.........a colourful den for the children to play and dream.
    florrie x

  6. Crochet blankets are so warm, welcoming and charming, and I love your stripey one! Great granny square cushion as well. The doggie is adorable!

  7. I have never crocheted (is that a word??) but love the look of your colourful blanket. And the dog too!

  8. That blanket is gorgeous, I love the colours. I wish my shed was as pretty as that - a girl can dream...

  9. Like you, I've struggled with crochet and after 2 years I think I've got somewhere - I love your granny squares - I'm just about getting by with the stripes also!
    Love your knitted dog - did you use a pattern for him?

  10. What a very inspiring post Maria! I love all that crochet, knitting and floral print eye candy! You did a great job with your lovely granny stripe and your sausage dog (I want to make one now!) blanket. I had to laugh at you timing yourself as I do that all the time too! I think it makes me more efficient, as I can always aim to get quicker! I just love to crochet though, so soothing...

  11. Your crochet looks great, I love how colourful the blanket looks and the cushion looks fantastic too. I really need to practice my crochet, yours looks beautiful and makes me want to work at it again! Your ideas for the wendy house sound great too! :) x

  12. Well done! Lots of admiration being sent your way as crochet and I don't seem to get on. The cushion also looks great.

    Thanks for telling us about the shed book. I wonder if my library has anything like it? xx

  13. Brilliant crochet I am sooo jealous! crochet takes time to master and I'm not dedicating enough time to it so am still slow :(

    I just started a knitting class last week and love your sauasge dog. Can you tell me where the pattern is from??

  14. Oh Maria, your crochet work is simply stunning! I love the bright beautiful colours and want to say thank you so much for submitting to Project Share! I simply adore that little knitted dog...did you make him from a pattern? He is really lovely :)
    I hope to see more of your project shares in the future!

  15. I found the RICO difficult to crochet too - it is better with a larger hook than recommended.

  16. I just love your crochet cushion. So simple yet elegant !