Thursday, 24 February 2011


Half term this week, and I know that we should not really expect anything less, it is still only February after all, but the weather has not been good this week....

That was until today, when we woke to blue skies and sunshine, so we loaded the children in to the car and headed up the motorway to the Lakes District and our favourite place Brockhole (or broccoli as Clemmie calls it ) visitor centre...

The sky did get steadily greyer as we headed up the M6 and it was pretty cold down by the lake ..

But when you are having fun at the adventure playground you really don't feel the cold...

Do you like Hebe's luminous hoodie that Auntie Ellie knitted, can't miss her in that !

Especially when you have a big brother to keep you warm...

Off to put two tired little girls to bed now, and I think that their older sister and brother will not be far behind...


  1. Aww, your kids are so sweet and they seem really close! I don't think my brother would have hugged me when I was that age! Love the luminous hoodie, you definitely can't lose her in that. The lake district was one of our favourite places for family holidays when we were wee, my parents still visit often now. :) x

  2. So sweet- what gorgeous children you have. Mine live in those hooded gap sweatshirts too- so handy for outdoor play! Thankyou for visiting my blog- off to read yours now xx

  3. It's quite nice going out in the country air in the colder months I think. You feel good and fresh again. Enjoy your little break off school.

  4. That little bit of sunshine makes all the difference, doesn't it?

  5. It was great to see the sun today - how lucky you are to live so close to the lakes :)

    We always used to dress ours in bright colours on days out - made finding them in the play area so much easier.

  6. How lovely, & what a difference a splash of sunshine makes...

    Sibling love! My two are fighting like cat & dog at the moment, such hard work...


  7. What a lovely day! Sweet kiddos you have there!

  8. What a great day. Your kids are gorgeous. I love the sun too! Juliex