Friday, 18 March 2011


Well here they are as promised, the pictures of the children before they went to school dressed as Bible characters this morning.  The school has been having a 'Bible Week' this week, culminating in dress up day today when they were to go dressed as a bible character. 

So, here we have Freya dressed as Joseph in the technicolour dream coat....

Finn as King Solomon, not overly impressed I feel ! .......

And Hebe as The Queen of Sheba, Mmmm, not the best costume I know, but I was struggling at this point and we had this belly dancing outfit in the dressing up box....

Not to be left out, Clemmie as, well, Clemmie, who else....

As I said yesterday, they were not overly impressed with this, especially as it is Red Nose day and I am sure children across the country will be dressing up in all sorts of silly/fun costumes.  they were even told they were not allowed to wear 'Red Noses'...


  1. the costumes look fab but i'm sure you're right and they would have much preferred to "dress up"
    hope fully once at school with all their friends they won't mind as much

  2. Clemmie looked great!
    What a shame they arent allowed to wear red it health and safety rules?

  3. So cute, you did an amazing job. I just love the look on your son's face, priceless!

  4. You did a great job! Love the costumes. =) I'm not sure about Red nose day...but thanks for sharing the photos!

  5. Hehe adorable costumes!!! My book arrived today, thankyou- we love the bookmarks too! There is a bloggy aweard over at mine xx