Thursday, 17 March 2011


Do you remember this ? My granny stripe blanket that I was making for the soon to be revamped Wendy House...

Well it is now finished !!, I think this is possibly the largest thing that I have ever crocheted, it measures 200cm x 165cm, I am really happy with how it has turned out, I don't however think that it will make it into the Wendy House full time (perhaps it can just pop in for the odd day), as I think it looks quite at home here on the Playroom settee...

I used all the odd balls of double knitting I had in the house, nine different colours made up into 36 stripes, each stripe took 40 minutes to crochet, 20min one way and 20min back again, by my reckoning and allowing for time to complete the border edges and sew in the ends that means I spent approximately 26 hours making it !  Goodness that seems an awfully long time !........

I will miss doing those Granny stripes, it was nice sitting with the blanket draped across my lap as I whizzed back and forth, Clemmie would swap from sitting at one side to the other side as I worked so that she could have the blanket on her too....

It has been put to good use already by Clemmie who dragged it through to the living room to snug up under it to look at her new books....

The new books were sent to us from Cat all the way from New Zealand...

We have had a few conversations about Pukeko's before Christmas, and then last month this parcel arrived, so very kind Cat, and a belated big thank you from us ....

I am off now to make a costume for Finn, it has been Bible Week at the children's school this week and tomorrow they have to go dressed as a Bible character (this has not gone down to well with the children especially as it is Red Nose Day and friends are going to their schools dressed in red, silly outfits etc !), anyway, we are having Freya as Joseph in a Technicolour dream coat (finished that one last night), Hebe as the queen of Sheba in a belly dancing out fit (what else !) and Finn as King Solomon, so I better go and sort out a cloak and some head-wear, its a good job Clemmie is not at school yet as I think I would have been pushed to finish four outfits....

Will delight you with those tomorrow.....


  1. maria the blanket looks delicious i love the colours, i'm still at the looking at wool stage as i just can't seem to choose at the moment but i am determined to make a ripple blanket!!!
    the costumes sound fab too would love to see some photos!!!

  2. Perky The Pukeko is a big hit in this house so I'm glad he's loved in the UK.

    Your granny blanket is GORGEOUS you're very talented

  3. Brilliant! Congrats on finishing such a large project. I think it looks very much at home on the settee and ought to stay there.

  4. Cat is so kind. Your blanket is lovely. Can't wait to see the outfits! Juliex

  5. The blanket is gorgeous - 26 hours seems quick to me, I started a small one 5 years ago - it's still not finished!

  6. That blanket is awesome- I so wish I could crochet as I need a big one like that for my tatty old sofa! You clever clogs x

  7. I love your blanket! That certainly is a lot of crochet - well done! It looks great on that sofa and so cute draped around your wee one too. And I agree with Julie, Cat is such a sweetie!
    Good luck with all those costumes, phew!

  8. PERFECT!!!! I love it! Smashing colors, just beautiful!