Thursday, 10 March 2011


I have spent a lovely hour this morning making these little lovelies....

They were so simple to make, just string, felt and a bead....

But don't they look great ?
Arn't the colours totally fabulous ?

I found the tutorial to make them on this, new to me blog ArtMind, there are some fantastic tutorials there which are well worth a look....

After making I got a bit carried away playing, without even the excuse of a child being in the house, the older three were at school and Clemmie was at nursery for the morning !...

Wouldn't they be great tied onto a present, made into keyrings, hanging from zips, or strung up 'bunting style....

So many ideas, sometimes I think my head will burst...

N.B. They may not make it on to be any of the above, Clemmie has come back from nursery and whisked them all away to 'school', where she of course is the teacher !.....


  1. Very cute and what a great simple idea! They would look good tied together in to a garland too

  2. How cute and what a great project to work up with children! So totally do-able!

  3. A lovely idea, I can see my year two's enjoying making these!

  4. Cute! Maybe once they've finished school they can grow up and get jobs as present tags and garlands, maybe Clemmie is just teaching them what they're going to be?! :) x

  5. Seriously impressed!

    Just need to find a shop with wooden beads....

    Thankyou for sharing


  6. Absolutely lovely and I did smile at Clemmie taking them all - everything I make Phoebe asks me if it is for her - everything!

  7. Fantastic - it looks like you had a lot of fun! x

  8. I'm impressed! They are great fun and so characterful. I've jsut blogged about some hearts I made based on the shapes of the ones you sent me in the Christmas swap ages ago...