Monday, 7 March 2011


We have actually named her Dandelion Rabbit, well Clemmie has, best not to ask sometimes ....

I have wanted to make a knitted rabbit for some time now, I have admired these beautiful rabbits made by Julie at Little Cotton Rabbits...

Julie sells gorgeous knitted animals in her Etsy shop, although she does not have any listed at the moment..

I don't think that she sells the patterns for her knitted animals, but she does sell patterns to make these little fellows, how cute are these !, I have bought the pattern for this egg cosy bunny, but more of that in another post...

Back to the knitted rabbit, after realising that Julie did not sell patterns I continued searching, and found these patterns....they are by Debi Birkin, I actually found them on periwinklepark on Etsy, but they can also be bought from the Debi Birkin website...

She's made using James Brett Kool cotton which is lovely to work with...
I made Dandelion with detachable shoes, so that they can be changed, as can her dress and bow.

I am so pleased with how she has turned out, as are three girls who are fighting over her as we speak, I think another two are definately called for...

My original idea was to have a rabbit that would have her own little suitcase of clothes and perhaps her own bed, I will have to look through my doll's clothes patterns to se what other clothing might be suitable, Hebe has requested a school uniform, and Clemmie would like her to be a Princess...

There is even a Bunty Bunny knit along on Ravelry where people are knitting a different themed Bunty for each month....


  1. Oh my goodness, how cute are these little characters! You have really done them proud - I am sitting here cooohing at them!

  2. I love her ballet slippers!
    Everyone seems to be knitting gorgeous dolls (See Tina at, or animals lately. As a non knitter I feel I should be doing something!

  3. Aaaaw, she's adorable!!!! Look at that little wry smile she's got going on.

  4. Aren't they lovely.Such a happy fce.

  5. Oh my goodness she's soooo cute! I want one too, if only I could knit. Bunnies are just so cute and ones with pink dresses even better. That little egg cozy is really sweet too. Enjoy knitting!

  6. Dandelion is such a cutie!

  7. Dandelion rabbit is so sweet! A great idea to have removable clothing as well! :) x

  8. Your bunny is so cute! I have also been a big fan of Julie's lovely knitted bunnies and her blog.

  9. omg, that bunny is to die for. You have really made a beautiful job of it. I even like yours better than the original and I adore that one too. One of these years I might have to knit one!