Thursday, 16 February 2012


I am not going to mention the ridiculous amount of time since I blogged with any sort of regularity ! I had such good intentions back in the New Year, but basically I have not felt that I had a lot to say.....

Anyway moving on ! Last Summer, or there abouts a friend asked if I would like a dolls house for #3 and #4  our two youngest girls, (she had been given it by a member of her family, her girls are both in their teens and were not interested in it, and she was too busy running her business to spend any time on it ), "Would I ever !", I said, so she popped it on a sack barrow and trundled it round to us in the next door street where we live.

I had intended to restore the dolls house as a Christmas present, but at the busiest time of the my year and craft fairs every weekend from October through December, it was not going to happen.

I looked at it again in the New Year, but was really quite unsure of how to decorate it, a lot of the doll's houses I saw on line on the specialist dolls house sites, were a little (dare I say it) twee, for my liking..

THEN, I spotted THIS...

on the Mollie Makes website, I was totally smitten and knew instantly just what I had to do....

This totally fantastic dolls house is the work of Max at Blackbird Has Spoken.

My house was a little worse for ware, peeling wallpaper, old carpets etc,

But after a lot of  filling, sanding and undercoating it started to show its true potential.

Its quite big really, six rooms plus stairs and landing...

Once it had been given its white base coat I stated thinking about the exterior walls. "Do I go with a 'brick' paper ?, and if so which type ?."  I think the house looks slightly Georgian in style, so decided against brick and plumped for paint instead, I thought I nice heritage colour would look good, and when searching through all the odd pots of paint in the garage, I came across a sagey green that we had used in our kitchen, perfect...

So with the outside decided upon I moved onto the roof, I went for a paper this time, a grey slate effect one, you can actually get strips of tiny wooden slates, but that looked altogether too fiddly, having said that papering the roof was not the easiest of jobs...

Argh ! torn it !, luckily this will be hidden...

Eventually managed to paper around those attic windows and chimney pot..

But should have bought more than one piece of roofing paper, not enough left to paper the roof ends !

That's all I am going to show you for now, have to show this in stages I think, interior decor next,,,


  1. Love your blog. Can't wait to see the rest of your project. I've been a bit absent this new year too.

  2. So pleased to see you again!
    I love dolls houses and had such fun helping with my grandchildrens houses. Teeny curtians, little pictures, all such fun to find.

  3. Ooo How utterly lovely - looking forward to following your posts...


  4. A labour of love. Well done for getting started so well. Cant wait to see the outcome.