Saturday, 10 March 2012


I have taken a break from the dolls house do up, and have been partaking in a little bit of stamp art.

Uncle Bob, NB: Bob is not a 'real' Uncle, but a family friend of my husbands. When I was a child we called most of our parents friends, Auntie or Uncle, Did you ?. My children don't call any of our friends Auntie or Uncle, I wonder why that is?

Any way I digress, on with the art work..

I started with  pile of used stamps, courtesy of #2's stamp collection...

I had decided on a simple robot theme, and printed off this template from Lil Blue Boo.

Once printed out you need to turn it over and draw around the outline, you will see why later ...

Turn your template back over and start gluing ( I just used one of the children's glue sticks) the stamps onto the template, overlap them slightly over the lines...

Until you have covered the whole template...

Then turn it over and cut around the line that you drew previously.

I made three robots, and used different colours of stamps for each one.

I found it easier to cut out the eyes and mouth with a craft knife, again following the lines I had drawn before.

I um-med and arr-ed about what background to mount the robots on, but finally went with brown parcel paper, I thought it fitted in with the stamp theme...

I measured up and glued them into place.

Then all that was left was to mount it into a frame, this one was from Ikea.

And that's it, one quite simple piece of stamp art.

 I'm happy to say that Uncle Bob thought it was great, and a very apt 60th Birthday gift for a life long stamp collector.....


  1. This is fantastic and an idea I will be trying once I've got my hands on some stamps.

    B xx

  2. I would be delighted with that as a present whether I was a stamp collector or not.