Thursday, 3 January 2013

The First Cut Is The Deepest.....

Fed up with the miserable weather we have had of late, we headed out to the city today, Manchester, it takes about an hour for us to drive there from our house. I love being in a city, everything seems so big and exciting, Manchester is no exception.

We headed to Manchester Art Gallery, we have had a couple of visits there before which we have all enjoyed, there is a mix of galleries showing different collections and then there is normally a special exhibition, at the moment it is The First Cut.

31 international artists who cut, sculpt and manipulate paper, transform this humble material into fantastical works of art for the exhibition.

This was an amazing walk-through forest of paper trees.

Flocks of birds and butterflies cut from maps.

Fantastic hanging paper sculptures.

And I don't suppose that you could have an exhibition about paper cutting with out a few works by Rob Ryan....

This particular one was huge ! I think I am right in saying it is largest piece he has done and was made specially for The First Cut exhibition.

The exhibition runs until Sunday 27th January 2013 and is free, as is entrance to the rest of the museum. I thoroughly recommend it for both young and not so young....

N.B.  Just a note to say that all pictures used on this post are the work of our 13 year old #1 daughter.

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