Monday, 7 January 2013

Pom poms...

There seem to be a lot of pom poms about the internet over the last few months, Pinterest has some really great inspiration for how to use these fluffy little balls.

How cool is this rug ?, it must be fantastic to walk on....
Or how about a pom pom garland ?
Simple but effective pom pom book marks...

I have bought myself one of those little plastic pom pom makers so that I can have a go at some of these ideas, but then I just found this way of making tiny pom poms which would produce the same result.
Might draw the line at this though...


  1. I love those pompoms! How are you getting on with your pompom maker? I'm normally an old fashioned kinda gal and have always made pompoms the traditional way with card circles, but I think I'm ready to be persuaded...

    Jille xx

    1. Hi Jillie, The pom pom maker was a bit fiddly at first, but I did choose a small 1" size, probably would have been better to start bigger. Quite hard to fit scissors in between plastic bits to snip yarn, but when I used a craft knife instead I found it much easier and quicker. Maria

  2. That rug looks fab but I'd hate to have to hoover it!! My cats would love it :)

    1. Hi Josie-Mary, It is fab isn't it, my daughter would like me to make one for her bedroom, I have said she will have to help make the pom poms as I imagine it will take more than you would think ! Cats would have a field day with it, not sure how long it would survive though ! Maria