Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Working spaces...

I have had various working spaces in our house, I started off in the corner of the kitchen, moved into the loft when we had it converted, and then moved back downstairs into the front room (sitting room) when the two youngest girls wanted to move into the loft space. 

We are hoping to have some work done in the sitting room this year, new windows, wood burning stove, redecoration etc and I don't really want my sewing corner cluttering up the 'new' room.

C came up with the suggestion of a shed/studio in the garden ! Why did I not think of that ?. So today we went on a research trip to look at sheds. There are some really great ones and I think I now know the type of space I would like.

In my head, it will end up looking something like this....

Or maybe this ?
This is probably pushing it a bit..love the windows though.

But what I am most excited about is being lucky enough to have my own space, to do with whatever I like..........

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