Saturday, 30 March 2013

bits + pieces


1. Home made cards - always the best; 2. Honeycomb Easter decorations; 3 & 4. My Mother made these at night classes, for me and my sisters and brother circa 1974ish, they have our names and year of birth on the back; 5. Much fun can be had with these clockwork peeps; 6,7 & 8. I made this farm board when Freya and Finn were little (about 11yrs ago), it's still going strong, I love to see how the little two set it up, and that Charlie, Lola and Marv come to visit; 9. Felt crafting.


  1. Really cute card and absolutely LOVE the little mugs made by your Mum they are sooo sweet. Very impressed with the farm yard board too (clever you!). Sweet little felt bunnygirl. Hannapat

  2. Lovely photos to look back on. Thank you for sharing them. Wishing you all a Happy Easter xx