Friday, 29 March 2013

Friday's bake

Today's Friday bake is Simnel cake, had to be really.

I have been making this cake at Easter from the recipe in this book for quite a few years now.

The book is a old Readers Digest book that my Mother gave me years ago.  The Simnel cake recipe is probably the only thing I actually use it for.

Finn is particularly fond of fruit cake, he did say that this was the best cake ever and asked why I only make it at Easter. I do wonder myself as it really is good.

Happy Easter....


  1. It looks lovely. I never make Simnel cake...too much marzipan for us, but I do admire them.

  2. It looks very Eastery and equally delicious. Lovely Easter display. I absolutely love marzipan, so maybe we should give it a go. Happy Easter.

  3. Happy Easter to you. I haven't heard of Simnel cake, I;'ll have to try and hunt down a recipe. juliex