Friday, 8 March 2013

World Book Day

The little ones school celebrated World Book day yesterday, and the children were encouraged to go to school as their favourite book character. Hebe chose Pippi Longstocking and Clemmie, Alice in Wonderland. It was lovely to see all the children dressed up going in to school. (Clemmie's outfit is a bought one, but I did make all of Hebe's Pippi outfit).

Seeing Hebe dressed as Pippi brought back happy memories of me winning first prize in a fancy dress competition circa 1975 . Love my Grandy's boots !


  1. My dad is called Grandy by my kids. Love the costumes, and yours all those years ago! Juliex

  2. They both look lovely - do wish my two were small enough for all that again - used to love it :)

  3. They look super cute!! Love Pippi, one of my fave characters too. She looks the part! Love the costumes, well done you!