Sunday, 18 July 2010


This weeks Crafty Sunday items are thank you presents for the children's teachers at both school and nursery..

I wanted something that was relatively quick and easy to make as I have left it (as usual) to the last minute, school finishes on Wednesday...

I went for these easy peasy zippered pouches which can be used for anything from Make-up, pencils, sewing kit etc...

I found the tutorial on Make it perfect blog, and they really are as the title says 'Easy peasy'....

And a great way to use up scraps...

also odd buttons....

These are the fronts ready quilted for the rest of the pouches.

 As I said in my post yesterday I was featured on My passport to style this week, Sharon featured this pump bag (amongst other things) and said she would like one as a wash-bag for when she goes on her Summer camping trip, well, funnily enough the Mum of the little girl I made it for asked if I could make her a wash-bag and also applique her name on to a towel for her take to brownie camp...

I lined the wash-bag with a piece of white shower curtain, which worked really well..

And there will be no chance of this towel going missing..


  1. Wow you have been busy!! Such lovely stuff and love the fabric. Will have to add applique to my list of things I want to try. Have never attempted it yet!! - Pootle Flump x

  2. The stuff you make is so gorgeous

  3. Love it! And that fabric is just right for this sort of thing!

  4. What lovely makes...well done :)

  5. Wonderful stuff as always - I am not very good at fiddly stuff, I always finish up with pin pricked fingers and little bits of 'nothing' I once tried to make a rabbit for Aija's youngster and it turned out looking like something off the 'Clangers' - Not sure if you are old enough to remember the 'Clangers' ask your mum if you are not... Have a lovely week and get ready for 'Schools out for Summer !!!.
    Beverley x

  6. These are all gorgeous!! I keep looking and drooling and cant' figure out which one i like best! Amazing applique work, so very neat :D

  7. They all look fantastic! Love those little bags you've been making. The fabrics are all so lovely. Well done on getting so many things made.

  8. Lovely! You have been busy.
    I have been sewing, however, it is for a swap so just can't share yet.
    And the scrap quilt I've almost finished is a gift for a friend and fellow blogger so want to keep 'secret' for a bit longer.

  9. I love the purses!! Great way to use leftover fabric!xxx

  10. Gorgeous teachers sure they will love them!
    And those wash bags are gorgeous have been busy..and thanks for sharing them!
    And thanks for your kind comments on my blog!
    Hugs Clare x Weeked Crafter x

  11. Hi Maria,what a fabulous idea, using shower curtain your soo creative, I adore the towel so pretty. You are seriously tempting me, sigh.Wishing you a lovely productive week and let me know if you want to exchange blog link's with me, over @ My Passport to Style? Sharon xx