Sunday, 25 July 2010


Crafty Sunday this week is a bit of a re-make, I made this play kitchen for Freya almost 10 years ago...

I remember going to B & Q with a rough picture drawn on a scrap of paper and measurements of how big I thought each piece of would need to be.  I managed to persuade the man in the wood cutting department to cut out each piece for me , he had said that he was only meant to make one cut to a piece of wood for you to fit into your car etc not cut out individual pieces for projects, but I think he felt sorry for me when I explained I really wanted to make this for my baby girl !

It is made from MDF, as everything seemed to be at that time, and incredibly heavy !

As you can see it has been well played with over that time and was looking a bit worse for wear...

The doors had fallen off, we had lost a knob and the paint work was in a very sorry state.  I decided that it was time for an overhaul...

I had some lovely duck egg blue paint left over from another project and decided to go with that ...

I still need to put the doors back on and replace the knobs, and I would like to add some sort of 'tap' to the sink unit (which was always my intention, but never happened)..

But I am very pleased with the progress so far and the two little girls (and Freya and Finn, although they would not admit it !)  have played with it all weekend...

A while a go I saw this fabulous play kitchen that a German blogger called Catherine Hug had made for her daughter and posted about on her blog Hyggelig..

Can you believe that she made this from THIS....

Very clever, and isn't this just the sort of cabinet you see outside junk shops ?

Next I intend to recover the girls ironing board, perhaps make them a little peg-bag, oven gloves and aprons to match, oh, and maybe some of the great felt food I have seen around...


  1. Thats so cute!! Ive been away all weekend so unfortunately dont have any crafty sunday items this week but sure I will make up for it soon! - PootleFlump x

  2. Oh that sounds so cute! A little peg bag too. I love the new colour, a fav of mine. It's amazing how a lick of paint can make something new again. Well done.

  3. Anonymous25 July, 2010

    I think your revamped baby kitchen looks fab without the doors - I've always longed to be disciplined enough to have a kitchen with open shelves

  4. I LOVE this and am going to bookmark it to show Mr B - and of course be on the look out at the local charity shop - what a fab pressie this would make for Christmas for Tsunami.
    Have just blogged my Crafty Sunday #12

  5. adorable!

    Great job Mom! :) I really like it.

  6. I am so impressed, I think it is fantastic. My girls would have loved that.

  7. super cute! That duck egg blue is my fave colour these days!!

  8. I love your kitchen, that's very clever and probably saved you a fortune!

  9. Lucky little ones - the kitchen looks gorgeous.

    Perhaps instead of doors you could have little curtains?

  10. Ahhh makes me sad for the old days of childrens toys now its designer clothes and the latest tech gadget - ah well one day grandchildren the Lord willing.
    Beverley x

  11. Oh that all sounds such fun! I will have to wait till I have grandchildren to do all these things again :(
    That is a wonderful kitchen, you did a great job!

  12. It looks great...I like Vicki's idea of curtains. I didn't take any photo's this week but I'm hoping I'll have finished my knitting project by next Sunday :)

  13. I would have loved that kitchen when I was little. xx